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Hello, 3v3 players,

We are sad to say due to not being able to get enough teams per division to participate, Coach Jordan has restructured the 3v3 to accommodate the 65 kids that did sign up and allow those who could not commit to the whole winter league time frame but could maybe come as their schedule allows to participate.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Please see the new structure and rules below. If you would no longer like to participate, we can issue a refund for the purchase of the 3v3 of $100.00, refund request must be made via email at [email protected] by Thursday 12/2/2021.

This is the same version we ran this past summer, the kids had a ball! The idea behind the 3v3 is just to let the kids have fun, meet fellow members of OFC, stay soccer-focused and just get up and get moving. We appreciate everyone who took the time to get their teams together, and again we are sorry the "leagues" did not work out.

Pick Up Style 
-December 12- January 30 (6 weeks, no 3v3 pickup Dec 26 or Jan 2 due to holidays) 
-IF anyone who does not register but wants to come each time can pay $20 at the fields or by Venmo @oconeefc
-use futsal balls 
-round-robin games (duration of games will be determined by the number of teams formed for that week to allow flexibility and ensure everyone gets lots of playing
-can’t score in your own half (this allows players to work on their dribbling and ability to combine)
-ALL fouls will be indirect (someone else must touch the ball)
-Must be 4 Yards away from fouls, everything is KICK IN 
-UNLIMITED SUBS (with exception of academy Middle school and High School must sub themselves) 
-After the round-robin, if teams are tied they will either play each other to determine the winner for the king of the court or go into penalties 
-There’s no coaches or coaching (we encourage players to think for themselves and manage themselves) 
-Spectators are welcomed but please sit away from rinks 
-MUSIC will be played, players can bring snacks, etc to eat in between games (clean up after yourselves please) 
-players are not allowed to block the goal or be in front of the goal, this will be known as lane violation, if a player stands in front of goal for more than 3 seconds without moving it will result in a penalty for the other team 
-offside rules do not apply 
Acad will do pickup 1p-2pm (arrive by 12:45 pm to sort out teams) 

HS and MS will combine pickup. If you are MS and play select you will play with HS players.  230-5 pm (players arrive by 2:15 pm)

Each week the team who has the most wins during pickup will get to keep their team for the following week until a new champion for that week is crowned. All other teams will be re-picked each week to try to dethrone the Kings of the court. At the end of the 6-7 weeks of pickup style the team who was king of the court the longest will win a prize.

**Please note due to this being pickup style flexibility is needed to ensure players get adequate playing time, start time and duration of games will fluctuate week to week**

Further questions or concerns please reach out to Oconee Futbol Club

Winter 3v3 will be an outdoor competitive league.

Winter 3v3 Dec 5-Jan 30, 2022

 1-5 pm on Sunday afternoons- Cost: $100.00

(Will use Dec 17, Jan 7 Fridays  for make up for teams who are doing Select tourneys)

(We will also have a floater Friday or Saturday in case of weather makeups)

This is a league and prizes will be awarded to the winning team per division.


Academy: This is a coed division and you must be age’s 8-11. Parents can not drop off and leave at this age level. This is a player run program, no coaches. Players sub themselves.

Middle School: This is separate Girls and Boys teams. You must be ages 12-14 You can bring a team (Min of 6 Max of 8 ) or sign up individually and we will enter individuals into a draft and placed on teams. If you currently play up in SELECT at age 10 or 11 you can play in this division. 

High School: This is a coed division. Ages 15-19. If you play up in SELECT at age 13 or 14 you can play in this division. You can bring a team or sign up as an individual and we will enter you into a draft and place you on a team. (Min of 6 Max of 8)


Call 706-614-1529 for more info 

Register at registration will open 10/26/2021

This is a non-refundable program