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We are not set up online yet....

Contact Abby Trevino at 470-248-6742 for signing up to be an OFC referee.


1) Log on to

2) Click on "My Assignor" to join my group.

3) Group Number: 

4) Group Code: 

5) After joining, click on "My Availability" to enter times available on each day. Make sure you do

not click on "All Day". It should be in blocks of time like 8-5, 8-12, 12-5, etc. Never use the

Unavailable option unless you are not available the entire day.

6) Under the Notes section, list the venue(s) you prefer to work. Also list game conflicts with a

team you play, or a family member is a coach or player. You may not referee one of these


7) After entering availability, there is an "Apply to" section, click on box next to Abby.

8) Remember to hit “Save”

9) You will receive email and text notification of game assignments. Make sure you have this

information filled out in your referee profile. This is found on the My Info tab under the Cell/ Email

notices section. Make sure to check all four notice types.

10) Confirm your address is correct and completely filled out on the My Info tab. Your checks will

be mailed to that address.

11) When you accept or decline a game assignment, make sure to give a reason why you are

declining. Remember to hit "Save" or I won't know if you accepted or declined a game. You will

continue to receive daily email or text notifications until you accept or decline the games.

12) Games are generally assigned 7 to 10 days in advance. Accept or decline your games as

soon as possible. I begin replacing referees on Tuesday night after 9pm on unaccepted games.

13) You will also need to complete a W9 form and return to Abby Trevino by email at

 w9 form ofc.pdf

15) For further questions please contact Abby Trevino or 470-248-6742

(text or call).

This number is to be contacted by registered referees
 and prospective referees only.

For all other referee related comments or questions contact us Abby at: Be sure to specify your comment/question in the subject.


Oconee Futbol Club
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Phone: 706-614-1529
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