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Oconee Futbol Club

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Georgia Soccer

Oconee FC operates as an affiliate of Georgia Soccer.  Georgia Soccer is the authorized state youth and adult association for Georgia within the United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association, and through them is part of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Also, Georgia Soccer serves as the official National State Association of USSF making it responsible to act on behalf of USSF and provide licensing courses for coaches and certification courses for referees.

Oconee FC

Oconee FC  is a not for profit organization that is run on a volunteer basis with only training and admin staff receiving compensation. The licensed coaching staff is contracted and compensated via 1099.  Refereeā€™s are sub-contracted and paid for each game worked and are also issued a 1099.
All OFC programming is non-refundable

Seasonal Year

The Youth Soccer seasonal year in the state of Georgia begins on July 31st and ends on August 1st in the next calendar year.  The seasonal year therefore consists of a Fall season followed by a Spring season.  When a player registers with a club, that player is committed to that club until the end of the seasonal year.  If the player decides to move to another club, they must wait until the end of the seasonal year or seek a release from the current club.  If the club agrees to release a player  before the end of the seasonal year, that player must first satisfy their financial obligations for the seasonal year. 


The targeted number of season games for the Academy program at OFC is 10-20.