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OFC Academy Program operates as a member of Georgia Youth Soccer Association’s select developmental program for boys’ and girls’ in age groups U9 through U12.  The idea behind Academy is to provide young players advanced coaching and a higher level of competition to those ready for elevated training and commitment in a fun soccer environment.

Fees: Fee includes Georgia Soccer registration and insurance, referee fees, professional training/coaching, field use, equipment, and league administration.   

Player Assignments: 
Players will be accepted into the Academy via evaluation system, players will be divided and placed in pools/on teams. Academy pool/teams of players will practice together under the supervision of licensed coaches and professional trainers. Players movement from team to team may be necessary for those who progress at a quicker than normal rate or for those who may need a different level of competition. The flexibility is unique to the academy program.

Practices: 1.5-hour practices sessions twice per week. Goalkeeper sessions offered once per week.

Academy players will participate for 2 full seasons. (All players/parents have to sign a player/parent commitment contract to participate in the academy) The fall season will take place August - November and the spring season will take place February - May. Academy teams will play at least 10 games per season, half at home and half away against other academy teams. U9/U10 teams will play 7v7 games U11/U12 teams will play 9v9 games. Games will consist of 2 halves, 30 minutes each. All players will play ½ of every game.

Academy philosophy: is playing to learn while minimizing the pressure of playing to win.  Players from an early age need to acquire the technical ability to master the ball and be proficient with both sides of their body.  

Coaching Games and Practice:  All coaching should be left to the coaching staff and parents should not offer advice to players during games or practice. Parents should refrain from giving any tactical feedback to players regarding performance unless they have consulted with the coach as they may give contradictory information or over repeat what the coach has already said which can lead to confusion or frustration for the player.

Positive Parental Support: 
 Positive support is vital during times of disappointment which is a natural part of a young soccer player’s developmental success.

Positive Encouragement: 
 Positive encouragement from parents is vital to help young soccer players understand the significance of winning and losing, the experience of frustration in learning and the need to develop self confidence.

Positive Coaching: 
 Positive coaching from our staff is vitally important to our player’s development. We must ensure that our players are installed with confidence to play and have an understanding of the coach’s instructions also that our players except constructive and negative information to improve them as soccer players and team members. Encouragement at this level is a massive motivational tool to making our players successful, creative and well rounded soccer players.

Travel: All games will be played with local leagues to eliminate extensive travel for players at such a young age. Travel will be limited to 1-1.15 hours.

The Academy will develop young soccer players through their formative years and give them the skills for success in the game at their highest playing level. In continuing OFC’s emphasis on individual skill development, Cost for Academy is $1150.00 for a one year and is a non-refundable contract for Fall and Spring season. If you miss the Fall Season and join for Spring only the cost is $850.00. Plus the cost of Uniform Approx $150.00

WE DO ALLOW NEW KIDS TO JOIN IN THE SPRING pending an evaluation.- cost will be $850.00 plus uniform. 

Non-Refundable programming

 For all further Academy Program information please email us at: [email protected].

Prospective Academy Players

Evaluation Season

Our Academy program aims at teaching young players the building blocks of becoming great players. We welcome everyone and anyone to our Academy program with open arms. If you are unsure whether or not this program for you, please don't be. During Evaluations we allow any players in the U9, U10, U11, & U12 age groups to come and test out our programs for themselves. We encourage the players to go out and make some friends and learn some new skills in our ever growing program. There is no commitment to our program until you are offered a spot within our program. Should you chose to accept the position, then you will be considered part of the OFC family. Should you not accept, we will welcome you back whenever you chose to return.